Actor Yul Edochie marks late son’s 17th birthday with emotional tribute

Renowned Nollywood actor,  Yul Edochie has celebrated what would have been his late son Kambilichukwu’s 17th birthday with an emotional note shared on his Instagram account.

His heartfelt message, posted on Thursday, reflected on the pain of losing his son and recounted an emotional dream where Kambilichukwu appeared taller, more handsome, and filled with joy.

Expressing the difficulties of life without his son,  Yul conveyed his strength, citing his commitment to his other siblings and reliance on the will of God to endure the loss.

his emotional tribute, Yul wrote, “Kambi yooooo! Happy 17th birthday, my great son. Hope you’re doing well over there. I never knew I’ll ever do a write-up like this, but here we are. Life. I kept asking God to let me see you again, and he granted my wish. And I saw you once in my dream. You looked much taller and more handsome. And bigger. You were glowing. Seems you’re now playing basketball over there and left football. You looked very happy.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced in coping with Kambilichukwu’s absence, Yul emphasized his resolve to remain strong for himself and his other children, while surrendering to God’s plan. “We miss you. We love you, but God loves you more. You’re elevated now. Keep watching over us all. Keep flying, son. Till we meet again. Don’t stop playing football. Happy 17th birthday, Son. Daddy loves you.”

The tragedy of losing their first son in January weighed heavily on Yul and his estranged wife, May. Reports indicated that Kambilichukwu had studied throughout the night for his exams. After completing his examination, he joined friends for a game of football, during which he collapsed and experienced a seizure. He was promptly rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


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