Why I gave Davido my song ‘Blow My Mind’ – Wurld

  • The singer claimed to have written the song Davido released with American R&B star Chris Brown in 2019.
  • WurlD said he gave Davido and Chris Brown the song because it was a song he didn’t have a use for at the time.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Wurld recently opened up about why he decided to give his song ‘Blow My Mind’ to the renowned Nigerian artist, Davido.He claimed to have written the song, ‘ blow my mind’ that American R&B singer Chris Brown and Davido released in 2019.He revealed this in a recent interview with 3Music TV, Accra, Ghana.

Wurld explained that, during the initial development of the track, he couldn’t foresee a suitable use for it. Recognizing the potential of the song, he selflessly handed it over to Davido, knowing that it would find the perfect home with the Afrobeat superstar.

He said,:

“It [giving ‘Blow My Mind’ to Davido] wasn’t planned. I was in Lagos promoting my project, ‘Love Is Contagious’, and I got a call from my guy, producer Shizzi… It was even one of those things I didn’t plan for because I was gonna use the song myself. I wanted to get some features on the record, but I was promoting a new project, and I didn’t have time.

“I didn’t have a use for ‘Blow My Mind’ at that time. Davido and Chris Brown, it’s just a beautiful thing to lend my art with another artiste and at the same time and see how well the song is done.”


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