Why I can’t marry an actor – Actress Ruth Eze

Actress Ruth Eze has explained why she does not want to get married to an actor. She cited the behaviours of her male colleagues on set, especially, the way members of the opposite sex always flood around them on set as the major reason.

She highlighted instances where various women, including those who were already married, brought food to actors during filming.

“I can never marry a colleague. I can marry a filmmaker, but not an actor.  If you see the things they do on set while filming, even the married ones, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them. Other girls come to look for them, and some even bring food”.

Eze elaborated on the challenges, illustrating scenarios like when an actor is filming in Enugu while family resides in Asaba, a situation, she said, could be emotionally taxing. “Imagine filming in Enugu and your family is in Asaba; you would see girls bringing food to them on set. Imagine being in love with such an actor and witnessing that. The only colleague I would have loved to get married to is already married”.

Eze also stressed the importance of keeping relationship happiness private.

She expressed reservations about revealing her relationship or partner in the public eye, particularly in the Nollywood community, especially in the eastern region where there’s a lack of mutual support among actors.

“There is no actor in Nollywood, especially in Asaba (Delta State), that one would buy food for on set and they would eat. Everybody is scared, because of how dangerous that side is. When one goes for any production, one is usually scared. So, in order to be careful, one has to buy one’s food”.


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