Shut your mouth up! Yul Edochie slams Arise TV’s Rufai Oseni

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor known for his controversial opinions, has lashed out at Arise TV presenter Rufai Oseni due to his recent interviewing style.

The incident in question occurred on Monday when Oseni and Jesutega Onokpasa, an APC chieftain, engaged in a heated argument during a TV show.

During the interview, Oseni and Onokpasa disagreed with President Bola Tinubu’s decision to remove fuel subsidies and the overall economic situation in Nigeria. This confrontation led to strong reactions from the public, particularly from supporters of the current administration, who accused Oseni of displaying bias.

In response to this incident, Yul Edochie took to Instagram to share a video in which he chastised Oseni, calling him disrespectful and urging him to be quiet. Edochie also questioned Oseni’s moral standing, referencing a previous incident in which Oseni was caught driving in a BRT lane in Lagos and initially failed to apologize until a video surfaced.

Edochie’s criticism of Oseni extended to his journalistic skills, suggesting that Oseni lacked the foundational respect for guests that should be an essential part of journalism training. He argued that Oseni was acting arrogantly and disrespecting his guests on national television, emphasizing that Oseni was not superior to any other Nigerian citizen.

Edochie said: “My friend shut up and sit down! I’m talking to you! You have no right, you don’t have any moral justification to talk where people with integrity are talking! You are talking nonsense on national TV, you are a very disrespectful person, and you have no respect for the laws of this country! In fact, if someone like you becomes president, you will wipe out Nigerians. Are you not the same person who was caught driving on the BRT lane? You could not even apologise if not because somebody had a video, that was when you came on national TV to apologize. This is what you do, imagine the other ones that we’ve not seen before. Who taught you journalism? The first thing they should have taught you is to respect your guests.

“You are not better than anybody out there. You are a very disrespectful person and you should go and learn journalism, you are insulting people on national TV.

“Same Rufai Oseni that is insulting people, acting like God on national TV, making your guests very uncomfortable, you dey form like na you get Nigeria, you are the most concerned citizen, you are more concerned than all of us, my friend shut up! You have no moral justification to talk to anybody on TV that way because you’re not better than any Nigerian.”


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