My Marital Issues Got Me Depressed – Emeka Ike

In the same interview, Emeka Ike shared some steps he took to overcome his challenges and manage his depression:

  1. Seeking help: Emeka Ike acknowledged that he needed help and sought therapy to address his marital issues and depression. He encouraged others going through similar challenges to seek professional help.
  2. Focusing on family: Emeka Ike shifted his focus from his career to his family during his period of depression. He spent more time with his children and wife, which helped him to find some peace and happiness.
  3. Engaging in self-care: Emeka Ike made a conscious effort to take care of himself physically and mentally during his period of depression. He exercised regularly, ate healthily, and meditated to manage his symptoms.
  4. Networking: Emeka Ike reached out to colleagues in the industry who had also experienced setbacks to share their experiences and offer support. This helped him to feel less alone and more hopeful about his future in the industry.
  5. Staying positive: Emeka Ike maintained a positive outlook, even during difficult times, and remained optimistic about his future in the industry. He believed that everything happens for a reason and that better opportunities would come his way in due time.

By implementing these strategies, Emeka Ike was able to overcome his challenges and return to the movie industry with renewed energy and enthusiasm. His story serves as an inspiration to others going through similar struggles, reminding us that with the right support and resources, it’s possible to overcome challenges and achieve success in our careers and personal lives.

“When you realize that they’re actually after you for who you are, you ask yourself, ‘What do I do next?’. I just kept doing the things I needed to do properly. I kept working on myself to be who I am now.”


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