“Men date me out of pity,” – Actress Doris Akonanya

Physically challenged actress Doris Akonanya has revealed that a lot of men come her way to date her out of pity due to her condition.

The Nigerian actress has opened up about several aspects of her life, ranging from her experiences in the film industry to her side job and personal relationships.

Doris claimed in an interview with Yan Kontent Factory that, despite her differently-abled status, she can do everything else.

Speaking about her Nollywood experience, she stated that, like other actresses, she has experienced movie producers and directors who want to sleep with her.

Aside from movies, Doris Akonanya claims to get extra money on the side by taking photos and videos of herself in scant outfits for some ‘white guys’ she refers to as ‘Devotees’. These Devotees, she claims, have a passion for amputees, therefore she sells images of them.

The actress also discussed Asaba movie actors dubbed ‘Asabahood’ against Lagos actors. She added that those in Asaba make more relatable films, which makes them more popular among viewers, as opposed to other performers who ‘copy the whites’.

When asked if she is treated differently by people, she said that she is and that she dislikes it because it is mainly motivated by pity.

Doris acknowledged at one point that she misses being in a romantic relationship because it has been so long since she was in one. She claims she has no recollection of what it’s like to be called every morning and night.

Watch the video interview below.

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