“Love in the air” – Bobrisky causes buzz as he poses in romantic matching outfits with his mysterious lover

  • Nigerian socialite Bobrisky has once again made headlines with romantic photos featuring himself and his lover.
  • The captivating images show the couple dressed in matching black Ankara outfits.
  • Bobrisky’s caption hints at a romantic relationship, dispelling any doubt about the nature of his connection with his mysterious partner.
  • The photos capture a tender moment with Bobrisky’s partner holding him from behind.

The captivating images, shared on Bobrisky’s social media platforms, showcase the couple dressed in matching black Ankara outfits, radiating elegance and affection.

The social media sensation, known for challenging societal norms, took to the caption to suggest that love is in the air, dispelling any doubt about the romantic nature of his relationship.

The duo looked absolutely striking in their coordinated outfits, with Bobrisky dressed in a stunning black lace material, while his partner complemented the look with a sleek black Abadda fabric.

The images captured a tender moment, with Bobrisky’s partner affectionately holding him from behind.

This public display of affection follows a series of romantic developments in Bobrisky’s life.

In February 2023, just ahead of Valentine’s Day, the controversial figure shared a glimpse of an early gift received from his boyfriend on his Snapchat profile – a generous 5 million Naira credit.


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