How I was serially abused – Ex-wife of actor Emeka Ike

Suzanne Emma, the ex-wife of renowned Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, has reopened past wounds as she discusses the alleged violence she endured during their marriage.

This resurfaces following Emeka Ike’s previous revelations where he claimed to have lost everything he owned due to accusations of domestic abuse.

In a recent interview with media personality,Suzanne detailed instances of physical abuse inflicted by the actor, stating that she was forced to endure the repercussion of the abuse she suffered.

She further disclosed distressing incidents during a hospital stay for their child, accusing Emeka Ike of mistreatment.

Moreover, Suzanne revealed her emotional challenge, mentioning an extramarital affair with someone from a lower social status and implying that her ex-husband may be blindsided by her disclosure, believing she would never come forth about their marital struggles.

The couple’s marriage ended in 2015 when Suzanne filed for divorce, citing claims of both physical and verbal abuse throughout their relationship


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