Editi Effiong Announces Richard Mofe-Damijo as the Chairman of Anakle Films at AFRIFF

Anakle Films, the producers of the Nollywood global blockbuster Netflix film “The Black Book”, have officially taken over RMD Productions and named actor Richard Mofe-Damijo Chairman, Board of Directors, at Anakle Films.

The confirmation of the announcement was made by the founder of Anakle Films and director of “The Black Book,” Editi Effiong, at the 12th edition of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

The journey to The Black Book was a transformative one for me, both professionally and personally. Meeting with Editi Effiong and embracing the physical and emotional demands of my role was invigorating challenge that took me to new heights.

As I step into my new position at Anakle Films, I’m excited to contribute to the growth and innovation of African storytelling. We have a rich history and vibrant culture that deserve to be shared with audiences far and wide. The Black Book is an example of what we can achieve, and I believe its only the beginning of what’s to come.

Editi Effiong added that, “Nigerians are amazing storytellers. It is core to who we are. But as a culture, we have tended to distance ourselves, especially in the creative storytelling genre, and from the harsher realities of what military rule and corruption did to our nation in the 70s and beyond. With Richard Mofe-Damijo joining our team, we will add a new layer of excellence to our storytelling”.

Anakle Films are also the makers of “Up North” (2018), “The Set Up” (2019), and “Fishbone” (2020).


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