Daddy Yankee quits music to evangelize the world for Jesus

  • The Rapper announced this on stage over the weekend, during the final day of his goodbye tour, in Puerto Rico.
  • In his message, He said he now hopes to preach the word of God and live only for Jesus.

Ramón Ayala, well known as Daddy Yankee, one of the biggest names in the music industry, has announced his departure from the music scene to dedicate his life to spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Daddy Yankee has decided to embark on a new journey of faith, leaving everyone in awe.

Over the weekend, the Puerto Rican singer and rapper declared this on stage during the final day of his farewell tour, La Meta, in Puerto Rico.

He now intends to “evangelize the world” and live for Jesus, he says.

The King Of Reggaeton” said in a video statement posted on his Instagram page that he felt empty in some way and had been looking for a way to fill the hole in his life that no one could fill.

The ‘Despacito‘ singer quoted a Bible text in his message, it read:

“I was able to travel the world for years winning many awards, applause and praise, but I realized something that the Bible says, ‘what good is it for a man to gain the whole world if he forfeits his soul?’”

One story is over and a new story is going to begin, a new beginning” he added.

Daddy Yankee, who started his career in 1994, is recognized as one of the reggaeton genre’s forefathers.

The artist, who gained fame after winning Project Fame in 2010, stated that she felt empty while doing secular music, which led to her decision to become a Minister of God and never return to that genre.

In a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, 3rd May, the ‘Kedike’ hitmaker shared her experience, saying that she was searching for fulfilment, but was unable to find it until she reconnected with God.


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