Very large shark worth $20 million dollars was captured by the youths in Bayelsa (Video)

A group of youths in Bayelsa State caused a stir on social media after a video surfaced showing them with a very large shark reportedly worth over 20 million dollars.

In the video, the youths, in large numbers, are scattered around a river, attempting to maneuver the already dead fish out of the water.

The video, captioned “See how big that catfish caught in Bayelsa is! Biggest in the world?” depicts the dead fish being pushed from one end in the water until it is finally brought onto land by the youths.

Shortly after the video of the incident circulated online, social media users claimed the fish was worth about 120 million dollars.

Here are some reactions below:

@hony8800: “If na abroad na, dem go first measure am, weigh am, give am name, kom tag am, then release back inside water. But for here, na fisher men we be! We go use am tidy fisherman soup. Nothing concern bicycle with f.”

@oriadeDplug: “I know this fish. Every part you cut of grows up back in less than 10 seconds. This fish is worth around $27m.”

@gizzle_pablo: “Something wey dem go live alive. That fish is probably over 60years old.”

@Engr_Ashile: “The bad odour coming out of this scene ehh this fish don die like 3 weeks ago.”

@kolarwaheed: “I know this fish. Every part you cut of grows up back in less than 2min. This fish is worth around $22m.”

@kemmy_H1: “At this point it’s safe to assume that people aren’t aware that catfish can grow as much as it’s environment will allow it.”

@iamsamuelokon: “This isn’t a catfish ooo… I’ve seen this fish before in Eastern Obolo, Ibeno… Any part u cut-off grows back within 10-15 seconds… And I bet u that if the entire Bayelsa State gathers together, they can’t finish that fish.”

Watch video:


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