Lady exposes tactics girls are now using to snatch faithful men who own fancy cars

A Nigerian lady has gone online to raise alarm and expose the new tactics girls are using to snatch men from their women when they see them in their fancy cars.

The concerned lady revealed that some reprobate ladies are now out on the streets determinedly looking for intentional men that they will snatch by all means.

She revealed that whenever women see men in cars, or when they generally see fancy cars coming, they try to position their body in such a way that they were try to grab and arrest the attention of the male occupant of the car.

According to her, these girls will intentionally shoot out their chest and wiggle their waist so that the car can slow to a halt and call them.

The lady who was making a recording of herself in her own car revealed that she saw so many of them doing this when they saw her vehicle approaching; however, when they saw that she’s a lady, they began walking normally again.

She told women who have boyfriends and husbands to be prayerful as these girls are out to take their men by every means that is at their disposal.

Check out some reactions trailing her psot …
@IamBlaccode said: “Love might make the engine roar, but it takes more than wheels to win hearts. Ladies especially Lagos ladies, chase your dreams, not just dreams on four wheels!”

@brodamike07 remarked: “She is right but women on twitter will say they are not doing it for men.”

@official_adags stated: “Thank you for telling your gender what we are going through in Lagos”

@Cindy_vibez penned: “Men are really trying sha, I have to give it up for them.

The way some girls dress half naked on the road is enough to trigger a cheating husband.”

Watch her speak below…


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