“I will give him my salary if he stop cheating on me” – Lady promised her boyfriend

The lady made this public in a Tiktok trend where people share what they have gone through for love.

She shared on her Tiktok account, @nantenya_fula, how she offered to give her boyfriend her salary if he stops cheating on her.

Many internet users have been shocked upon hearing this information and requested to know if he changed after she gave him the money.

She responded to one comment, saying that even after her sacrifice, he refused to change and stop cheating.

See some reactions to the video…

@tessy🌟 prayed: “may this type of love never locate me”

@𝐉xsmine® ¦ ✰ ¦ 🪐 advised: “My sista you can’t love a person to that extent 😭”

@Nmfingwana wrote: “at least he was your boyfriend. I was doing this for a man who kept calling me friend 🥺🥺”

@milgo added: “when come to money am ready to loose anyone 😂”

@Miss K😊🇰🇪🇺🇲 said: “my sista you were paying for loyalty eeish please stand up.😂😂😂😂😂 . Don’t Ever go low again..”

Watch video here:


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