“Do your research before getting plastic surgery” – Angel advises women

Reality TV Star, Angel, has advised her fellow women against doing plastic surgery without making any proper research.

This is following the medical complications that has risen following the botched surgery of Jay Boogie, popular Nigerian transgender.

The Ex-BBN housemate took to her Twitter to share her piece of counsel to other women who intend to carry out plastic surgery.

Angel encouraged women to love their bodies but even if they insisted on surgery, they make proper research before the procedure.

She said;

“Please do your research before getting plastic surgery. You could really jus die for nothing.

I also encourage women to please love their bodies, y’all r really beautiful and don’t let anyone even yourselves convince you otherwise but if you must, please do proper research, most of these doctors are quack”

See post below:

Some reactions to Angel’s post:

@Purple_adire2 said: “Self love is the most important thing. When you reach that level of loving your body, I promise you, you become unstoppable.”

@yasbb wrote: “it’s honestly so sad to see girls putting their lives at risk because of societal pressures”

@OligboJ added: “Yeah, very true.
The person might not die, but end up looking obviously botched and ugly, which can lead to life challenge.”

@OfomaUche82 said: “It’s very important to do research but most times they are more focused on the out beauty it will give them, ignoring the health challenge”


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