At Last! He has been caught!

 Man who was allegedly arrested for stealing N100,000 from a fellow passenger on a flight has also been accused by an

Anonymous commenter on Linda Ikejis Blog of stealing from the commenter aboard a flight in April. 

The commenter wrote;

At last! I said it! When I cursed him on 06APR23 – when he
stole about N27k from my backpack on an Ibom Air Flight from Lagos to Abuja – I
said one day he will be caught. I confronted him when we were about
disembarking, and he started raising shoulder for me: I did not want to chop
slap [He is like 6’2 tall, me I am managing my 5’10!] but as we walked to the
terminal – I told him that one-day one-day: divine judgement will come upon
him. Now he has been caught. For those who are ignorantly wondering why he is
stealing when he can afford flight: it is a cartel. Him, and others board
flights, and steal when on the flights. If in a day they do 4 flights: that is
about N200k, right? If they manage to steal N100k on each flight, is that not
total of N400k?


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