Thanks for the betrayal


I had been in the relationship for 5 years
hoping it would lead to the alter. I have built a house for him in his country
home back in the village. His parents country home have also been given a
face-lift courtesy of my money. I send #50,000 to his parents every month for
their upkeep.

His younger sister is in the University studying
Law and I was also her sole sponsor. He lives in my house, drives my cars and I paid his bills.

I have tried severally to fix him up in
about 3 multinational companies but each time he resigned after a few months.   

A few weeks ago  I gave him #5m for a building project in the
city and he came back and told me he had been duped by a supposed supplier whom
he had paid to supply chippings and we went to report to the police.

He stays home all day eating and partying
with friends while I am away at work.

Recently I reminded him of the promises he
made to marry me and he moved out of my house saying he was not yet ready for

I pleaded with him to return to the house
but he refused saying he was done with every relationship with me only for me to
see him in a boutique shopping with a lady whom I later identified as his longtime
girlfriend whom he had already finished paying her dowry and will be wedding in
2 weeks. 


On confirming this, I ran straight to his
parents only to discover that they were preparing for the forthcoming
wedding.  His father treated me like one
intruder and asked what my business was on their compound. I tried with great
effort to leave without causing a scene.

As I drove out of the compound, a neighbor
of theirs ran to me and explained that he had been using my money to fund the
lady’s education in London and that they have made plans to relocate
immediately after the wedding. The neighbor also informed me that the youths in
the village have been mobilized to fight against any opposition I may advance
against the wedding and I thanked the neighbor, and took his number and also
gave him some money for his effort.

As I drove back to the city, the thought of
getting violent against them came to my mind but a thought also came to me,
“Let Go” and it continued to echo in my head. At a point I stopped my car and
cried deeply. When I got home I took some sedatives that sent me to sleep for
some hours. 

The next day I got a call from the head
office of the firm I work for that I must leave for a six-month training in
Germany in two days, so I prepared and left for Germany.  

The healing process was faster with the
change of environment.

While a was in Germany, I got a mail from
the father of my ex that they need me to help facilitate the release of their
son from Police detention, that the lady he intended to marry had taken all he
had and sold of the house he had built somewhere in the city while he was
living in my house, that the new owners had ordered him to vacate the building
and that this has led to his arrest and detention.

I called a friend and the friend
facilitated his release.

I received another mail from his father
saying that his son still wants to move in with me and that the wedding will
hold in few weeks.  I did not reply the
mail. At about 6pm same day, I received a call from the Chief Executive Officer
of my firm that he would like to see me privately the next day.

When I went to see the CEO, I was shocked
at what he told me. He proposed to me and explained to me that he is aware of
the happenings in my love life that he has been talking to one of my friends in
Nigeria. I was surprised! He told me he was not in a hurry but that he needed
to see my parents because he had waited for so long to tell me how he felt.

After six months, we were married and he
takes me everywhere he went even with our children. 


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