Imagine Corona Virus!!!!!

Just imagine Corona Virus!

She is your favorite celebrity. Who is so beautiful and well endowed. She is only 19. You adore her.You have tried everything to
get her attention all to no avail. Suddenly she agrees to spend the weekend with you. Considering the fact that you heard that she visited China, Italy and the United States and these countries are busy working hard to restore all that they lost and still losing as a result of her visit but you are this “Ladies man” that cannot say “No” to a lady and you also know that it was not in all cases that people lost valuables to her visit.
What would you do? Would you say yes to her?
For me I will not let her come to see me knowing that my loved ones will also be at risk. Besides it’s beyond what I like or want. She is not beautiful.
Let’s know your take on this?


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