If you want to be a celebrity, don’t come to Nollywood – Daniel Lloyd

                                          Daniel Lloyd and Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi

I Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi met Daniel on the set of “Mind’s Eye”. What really struck me was his sense of empathy in considering issues. We talked for a while and he said some encouraging words to other intending Actors. I had an interview with him. Read excerpts below;

My name is Daniel Lloyd.
I am an Actor. I am based in Nollywood, Nigeria, but  Pretty much I am always everywhere shooting
films and interpreting characters. My remarkable achievement basically for me
is in the hands of people, how I have made them feel. How I have entertained
them. My greatest achievement come from them. When they stop me on the street
and tell how my movies have influenced their decisions. That
for me is an award moment. It is a moment I live for.

                                              Daniel Lloyd and Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi

 The award I need most is the award from the people on the
street, from fans, the excitements on their faces when they see me and take
pictures. For me it is mind blowing and I am humbled by such.

I started acting 4 years ago in Lagos Nigeria. My first
production was a series by Tricia Nsiegbe. It was premiered in Silverbird
Cinemas. I played the Character “Patrick” (a Director in the movie) and most of
these big Directors and Producers  came
through and that was how it started for me. I started getting calls from everybody. I’m
sure they saw what they liked and they kept calling me for productions here and
there, then I got my first international movie to shoot in India. I went there
and came back. I have done a couple of movies like six- seven movies in the
United States, two in London. I just came back from South Africa Last week , I
shot one in South Africa. I will be traveling to Dublin, to London again, United
States again. Everywhere. As long as it is movie production I am there to interpret
the character.

Daniel Lloyd and Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi

I am here right now in Abuja shooting a movie “Minds eye”
with very talented actors such as Fredrick Leonard, Ivie Simon, Happy Uchendu. Amazing
people. People who I have learnt from their passion. I am intrigued by what I’m seeing here and I have
learnt a lot from them on how to be a better actor and that to me is very key.
I tend to learn from everywhere I go. I might not say it to you but I’m a very
observant person. I just look at you and learn a lot from you. For me I think
it is a journey. I just started my career and I want to get to the top. So yes
I am on a learning process right now.

People call it luck. I call it grace of God. Like I said, I
have been here for four years now and by the grace of God I walk on the streets
of London and I am known everywhere, United States, even in South Africa, they
came from Abuja. There is a difference between Luck and grace. I carry grace. I
don’t know about them.
If you want to step into my shoes, my shoes might be too big
or too small for you. I’d rather you stepped in to yours and make yours very
comfortable for you. It feels very comfortable for you. I’m in my shoes right
now enjoying the moment, enjoying the process.
It might be different for you. like they say; Different
strokes for different folks. You just hold what is dear to you and keep
pushing.  Every day, take a step no
matter how little the step is, just take a step.
If you want to be a celebrity, don’t come to Nollywood,
because Nollywood is filled with so many celebrities  and a few stars, if you
are not coming to change anything about Nollywood, Don’t come to Nollywood. We
have a lot of miscreants who are here for the fun of it. Go do something else.
Go to the club have some bottles I’ll pay for it.(He laughs)
Thank you for loving the brand “Daniel Lloyd”. Thank you for
encouraging me. My advice to you is that If I can make it to
this point, you can do same. Despite where I come from, despite my family
background, I’m not the best in my class but God has brought me thus far. He
has done that for me, He’ll do same for you. Just hold on to God and hold him


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