Don’t quit – Movie Producer Emeka Amaugo

I had an interview with Emeka Amaugo. He is a Movie Producer and Director. I was opportune to work with him on a movie set sometime ago and he was very professional in his conduct. Read excerpts of the interview below.

My name is Emeka
Amaugo. I am a Movie Producer and  Director.
I  graduated from University of
Lagos (Unilag) and I have won several awards including Best Entrepreneur.

 I had wanted to be a film maker even before I joined the industry. When I
came in, I discovered that it will be difficult for me to achieve my
dream so I decided to join as a crew member which led me to become a
still photographer first and I used all the time to learn more about film
making. After some years as a crew member, I went into my main aim which
is producing myself.

One of the major challenges
is finance. Most times I will have a good script (story) that will
require enough money to achieve but when the finance is not there, you
either lose the story or you will not achieve it well. Piracy is another
problem that we are facing in the industry. I released one of my movies
(KEEPING SECRET) last year and before a week, the pirated copies were all
over Nigeria and outside the country.While the original DVD copies were
in all the leading stores but the pirated copies were seriously selling
like pure water.

 I’m working on a project with
an international NGO (Relationship Builders International Foundation)
based in UK to do a world class movie on relationships/broken homes. We
are looking at touching lives with this project and it will be premiered
in different parts of the world and will later be in cinemas.
 My advise to u reading this now is for you to go for your dreams.What
do you want to achieve in life? Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Just keep that
dream alive and keep following it, with time, you will achieve it.
My fans out there, I know that you still believe in us and I want to
thank you for watching our films. We will get better and also make you
happy. Don’t buy pirated copies please…I love you all.


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