Tola Balogun on the set of “Hostages” – The Movie

                                                                             Tola Balogun
Tola Balogun was on the set of “Hostages” in Abuja. He is known for his role in the production of great TV Series like “Domino” and “Our Lives where he was the 
Assistant Director and Director respectively.  He is also a Writer and Producer of the Award Winning Movie – “The Impostor”.

I, Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi spoke with him and below are the responses he gave to some question I asked him;

What is the title of this movie?
The working title for now is “Hostages”.

It is actually a film about a Judge who delivered a wrong
Judgment and the Lawyer of the victim who really felt touched about someone who
was unjustly treated decided to plant a bomb to threaten the Judge.

Apart from this movie, can you tell me how many movies you
have shot? 
I have shot quite a number of films ranging from movies to TV Series
I was part of the rested TV Series, “Domino” which was produced by Tajudeen Adepetu.  I was an assistant Director for Domino for
many years. I also Directed another TV series for the same Producer “One Love”.  I have shot a
number of Soap Opera including “Our Lives”.   I have also shot Award winning Movies including “The Impostor. I Wrote and Directed it. I have shot “Farmer’s Bride”, I have just concluded another movie titled, “Switched” which will be out soon.

Apart from Directing what other things do you do?
I act. People don’t know that part of me but recently I started featuring in my movies.


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