Video – Evia Simon on Unbreak

 I was on the set of Unbreak with Evia Simon. She spoke passionately about the movie, the message and what spurred her to go in to the production. Watch Video

                                        Evia Simon, Aniedi Noba and Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi (Passion)

She advises parents as well as her fans. The movie which was Directed by Aniedi Awah Noba features; Evia Simon, Priscilla Fidelis, Chuks Chyke, Fredrick Leonard, Ruth Kadri and other great actors. The crew also include Emeka Madu, Richard Samson(Saint Bottle), etc

See more photos;

                                       Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi(Passion) and Fredrick Leonard

                                     Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi(Passion) and Chuks Chyke

                                                    Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi(Passion)

                                        Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi(Passion) and Emeka Madu


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