The Adopted Wife

I have been in love with him all my life. I have loved and
respected him as my father. He has always treated me as a friend. All along we
had been there for each other since after the death of my mother.

He refused to take another wife and I have never seen him in
any compromising position with any other woman. Sometimes I wonder if he ever
had blood flowing through his veins.

At 23, I have prayed for God to send him a wife that will be
with him when I get married to my fiancé who have promised to take me to
Germany immediately after our wedding. 
I always wondered what had been happening to me. From time
to time I wake up feeling tired and used. The first time it happened to me was
one night my father gave me fruit juice to drink at about 8pm. After drinking, I
could not remember what happened to me but I only woke up 3 days later in my
room with my father watching over me.  He
told me I had passed out and he had called in a doctor who have been working
hard to resuscitate me.  After that
incident I discovered I had lost my virginity but I was too shy to ask my dad
anything about it.
Some mornings I wake up to discover my clothes had been
taken off. 
I have never suspected my dad could be sleeping with me.
Something happen recently that made me wish I was not
We had been asked to send in photocopies of our credentials
for fresh filing and I walked in to my father’s room to collect the original
credentials for photocopy. As I was trying to pick them out I saw a document
with the picture of my parents and I when I was a baby. It stated that I was
adopted by my parents.
While I was trying to get a grip of myself, I saw some sedative  pills and virginal cream for lubrication
during s*x  in the drawer close to
I have been in shock since then. Could he be sleeping with
me? If yes. Do I have any case against him? Why should I continue to be with him
if he has been violating me?


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