Why I love Nigerian culture – SteffLondon

British Jamaican rapper Stephanie Victoria Allen, better known as SteffLondon, has revealed her admiration for Nigeria and its culture.

In an interview with radio host Henrieveill on Tuesday, the singer expressed her admiration for various aspects of Nigerian culture.
When asked what she loves about Nigeria, she responded, “Oh my gosh, there are so many things:

the music, the food. I love the people, the banter. They are so funny, very vibrant, and very colorful. Everything is in your face; it’s very loud. They remind me of Jamaicans but in a different way.”
She continued, “I love your traditions. As Jamaicans, we’ve been stripped of that. We have dancehall, good food, and vibes. We’re just nice people, but the cultural aspect has been taken away from us.”

SteffLondon has previously shown her appreciation for Nigerian culture by incorporating Nigerian elements into her work.

Her video for “Can’t Let You Go” featured Nigerian dances, Ankara fabric, and the use of Pidgin and Yoruba languages. Also in December 2022, she hosted an Ankara-themed party to celebrate her birthday.

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