Verydarkman loses activism award to Chess master Tunde Onakoya

On Sunday night, the 2024 Trendupp Awards turned into a high-stakes showdown as popular social media activist Martins Vincent Otse, known as VeryDarkMan, and Guinness World Record-holding chess master Tunde Onakoya, went head-to-head, alongside others, in a battle for gongs.

The Trendupp Awards is renowned for shining a spotlight on influencers, content creators, and brands that excel in leveraging social media across various fields and platforms.

This event celebrates originality and creativity, paying tribute to the bold and innovative efforts of content producers and digital influencers who push the boundaries of online engagement.

Onakoya became a media sensation in April after achieving the world record for the longest chess marathon at Times Square in New York City, playing the game for over 58 hours.

VeryDarkMan, on the other hand, ia an active voice against social vices, used his platform to speak out against injustices and drive societal change.

Tunde Onakoya and VeryDarkMan were both contenders in the highly competitive ‘Force For Social Good’ category at the Trendupp Awards.

They were up against notable figures such as Nigeria’s prominent health influencer Aproko Doctor, Kokun Foundation’s philanthropic founder Adepeju Olukokun, renowned humanitarian Osita Popcorn, and dance choreographer and humanitarian Seyi Oluyole.

Videos making the rounds online show the electric moment when the announcer revealed the nominees for the ‘Force For Social Good’ category.

As she playfully teased the crowd by mentioning VeryDarkMan’s name, a wave of deafening cheers and anticipation surged through the audience.

But just as the excitement hit its peak, she dramatically pivoted, announcing Tunde Onakoya as the winner.


What many fail to grasp is that Tunde Onakoya’s impact extends far beyond chess tournaments. In 2018, he founded Chess in Slums Africa with a profound mission: to empower underprivileged youth through the transformative power of chess.

This non-profit organization offers tuition-free education, essential learning tools, and invaluable mentorship to disadvantaged children, enriching their lives with opportunities they might never otherwise have had.

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