Troll arrested for cyber bullying Toyin Abraham, Nigerians react

Nollywood Actress and producer, Toyin Abraham has faced mixed reactions after allegedly ordering the arrest of a Twitter user for cyberbullying her.

The development has sparked mixed reactions, with many supporting the decision as a stand against online harassment, while critics question its appropriateness.
The Twitter user with the handle @YVRLO, known for his aggressive online behavior, directed harsh comments towards Abraham and her family, including wishing harm upon her son.

This led Abraham to take legal action. “It is not an abuse of power; it’s a fight against cyberbullying,”

Abraham’s spokesperson said. “Everyone must understand that actions have consequences, especially online.”
The arrest has divided public opinion. Many support Abraham’s decision, viewing it as a necessary step to combat online harassment and a warning to other cyberbullies.
Some praised Abraham’s action, saying it sets an example against online harassment.

However, some criticize the move, suggesting it might be an overreach.

Despite the criticism, the consensus among many is that Abraham’s actions were justified.

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