Toyin Abraham responds to accusations of arresting an X user’s mother

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has responded to an X user who accused her of arresting his mother.
Seun Kuti

On the platform formerly known as Twitter, the user alleged that the movie star had his mother detained and sarcastically encouraged her to send more police to arrest everyone. He wrote, “Hello @toyin_abraham1, you will have to send the police to pick all of us. You are very shameless.”
In her reply, Toyin stated that while she can tolerate insults and name-calling, she draws the line at people cursing her children and spreading lies.

She clarified that she did not arrest his mother but merely reported a case of cybercrime as a concerned citizen.

“You can abuse and call me names; it’s fine, and as I said, I will accept and take it because I’m in the public eye. But cursing kids and lying is what I won’t accept. Lastly, I never and will never arrest anyone’s mother. I made a report on cybercrime as a citizen. I reported because the threats and curses on my family were beyond what I could tolerate. Insult me all you want, but threats and lies about my family are unacceptable.”
“It’s one thing to make a tweet and get arrested. It’s another to have my mom arrested for something I didn’t even do. @toyin_abraham1, you picked my mom up from her shop to Panti police station. God will judge you.”

Toyin responded, “Lying in my head comfortably now, the world won’t see this. If I react, they will say something else. I never arrested your mum. Your friend Ayo was arrested for bullying, cursing, and defaming my family, and your mum went there insisting she wouldn’t leave without him.”

Another user, Uchenna, questioned why Toyin deleted some of her tweets. She replied that after explaining to her accuser, there was no need to drag the issue further.
“I just deleted it because he has explained to me, and there is no need to beat around the bush. So what’s the big deal?”

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