Never touch another man’s wife” – Yul Edochie defends on-screen wife

Nollywood actor and filmmaker has stirred online debate by defending his on-screen wife.
Noble igwe

Edochie posted a video on Instagram featuring himself and colleagues on a movie set. In the clip, he stands up to another character, insisting that his rival must not touch his on-screen wife.
He also advised his followers against touching another man’s wife, emphasizing that it is wrong.

“Never touch another man’s wife. . . On set. Filming.”

As expected, Edochie’s post received mixed reactions. Many criticized him for his relationship with Judy Austin, while a few encouraged others to let the father of five live his life as he wishes.
lizziebeth_richard commented, “But you impregnated Mr. Obasi’s wife and others we don’t know about. Why do you always incriminate yourself?”
cza_dd added, “What about Mrs. Obasi? Did you touch her or not?”

officialhemman wrote, “I keep saying it: Yul understands and plays you all. Keep trolling and abusing him; it keeps him relevant. Since you can’t ignore him, he will keep provoking you.”

guymannice remarked, “What do you gain from hating this man and neglecting your problems? Let people live their lives. No one is judging you or telling you how to live, yet you’re online dictating how someone else should live.”
dchoko_interiors noted, “Always setting yourself up for criticism and trends.”

mwale1119 said, “This guy, I pity your family watching you! You went and had an affair with a married woman. What is this? May heaven bless May and bring a mature man to end this journey with. When you are a victim, GOD brings confusion! Everyone ends up with good things; yours is the 8th wonder of the world.”

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