‘Just see why I no like this guy, he too dey brag’ – Nigerians counter Davido for saying nobody in Nigerian can have a wedding like his own


Davido’s wedding to his wife, Chioma Rowland, was a highly publicized event that received widespread media attention.

The couple’s traditional wedding ceremony was attended by many notable celebrities and dignitaries, and it was reported to have been a lavish and extravagant affair.

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Davido announcing at his wedding ceremony that no one can surpass the glitz and glamour of his wedding.

Below are some of the comments;

@Rebel_YSL:  So he couldn’t win Grammy, he decided to compete in Best in wedding (Naija chapter)

@Kennynuga:  Is it a competition. You married your most preferred Baby-Mama and here you are shouting “nobody fit do ham” very bad example for our youths

@Yeahmicee:  Does he ever do anything genuinely for his own happiness? He’s always trying to prove a point, Educated Portable

@jiggycomrade:  Just see why I no like this guy. He too dey brag. And later then go say Wizkid get pride. Mtcheeew!

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