I Had S?x With A Total Stranger Now I Cannot Stop Thinking About Him

I had broken up with my Boyfriend for cheating and I felt used and defeated. A friend suggested we hung out at a Night club for a wild night out but I objected because I had not done that before.

Two days later she told me that her Fiancé was in town and they were considering going for a night out at the club and she assured me of my safety and comfort.

At the club I sat next to a guy but I didn’t look at his face. We continued sipping our drinks and eating some chips. There were some strip ladies entertaining.

My friend and her Fiancé were curled up on the other sofa and this guy looked towards me and smiled and I smiled back. He was fair to behold. He moved closer to me without saying a word. He held my fingers and rubbed my cheeks and it felt really good. I was already a little tipsy. He pulled me closer to him and I rested my head on his chest. He pulled my face towards his and kissed me. I was completely “defeated” in his arms. After a while he took me to a secluded place at the VIP Lounge and “touched” every part that made me feel good as a woman. I have never felt that good before.

He did a lot of wonderful things to me and I went to “say hello to cloud nine” severally.

He had to do the needful for a better conclusion of the session and I only heard him moan while holding me tight asking if he could see me again and I said yes.

When we were through he handed me a bundle of cash from his pocket and walked away without saying a word.

Now I cannot stop thinking about him.

I have been to the club severally but I could not find him.

What should I do? Where can I find him?

Please can anyone help?


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