How my ex-girlfriend fooled, cheated on me – Victony reveals painful truth

Nigerian musician Victony has revealed how he discovered his girlfriend’s infidelity. Burnaboy

Speaking on the ‘Is This Seat Taken?’ podcast hosted by actress Chinasa Anukam, Victony recounted how he initially believed his ex-girlfriend’s assurances that a guy she was always talking about was just her friend.
However, he said he eventually uncovered the truth, realizing that her girlfriend had been dishonest about the nature of her relationship with the guy.
Reflecting on the experience, Victony admitted feeling foolish upon realizing the extent of the deception.

The singer said, “She [my ex-girlfriend] was talking to this other guy and I was aware. She was telling me about this other guy. Me, very open-minded, I was like, this guy was just her friend.

“She told me he was her friend but his name just always came up. And I will be like, what kind of friend is this one?
“At the end of the day, it turned out he was not her friend. That was very mad because when I realised everything that was going on, I felt very stupid.”

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