How I fought for a job for Davido after facing rejections” – Paulo Okoye

Talent manager Paulo Okoye has shared a story about his efforts to support music star Davido during his early career.

On Instagram, Paulo posted a throwback video of himself with the singer and described how he fought for a job for Davido after a company rejected him six times.
Still upset over his feud with Very Dark Man, Paulo stressed that his success is due to hard work and respect, not being born with a silver spoon.
“It’s all about hard work and respect! Back then, Davido only had one song, ‘Duro.’ I fought for that job for him. The company said no to me six times, but I kept fighting until they finally said yes. I’m not born with a golden spoon, it’s just hard work,” Paulo wrote.

In the comments, Davido and his brother Adewale Adeleke responded.

Davido confirmed Paulo’s story by writing, “Facts.”
Adewale added, “Yes, our first endorsement with MTN was thanks to you, sir. You played a major role in David’s story! God bless you

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