Funke Akindele and Eniola Badmus: Can friendships survive Nollywood’s fame race?

The Nollywood industry can be shining yet demanding, friendships also can change as quickly as the scenes in a movie.

Two prominent stars in this industry, Funke Akindele and Eniola Badmus, have

this change firsthand.
Once known for their close bond, the two actresses have drifted apart, largely due to their demanding careers.

Akindele, known for her role in and production of “Jenifa’s Diary,” recently opened up about her approach to maintaining friendships during an interview on Arise TV.

“I think my siblings are my friends. I have people that I’m cordial with, but not serious friendships like that. Because I am always busy with work. And when I am not working, I will be sleeping, watching a movie, chilling with the kids and family,” Akindele shared, stressing her preference for personal space and family time over socializing.

Her relationship with Badmus, another powerhouse in the industry, reveals the impact of their busy schedules.
“Eniola Badmus cracks me up so much. I love to chill with her. But, we have been so busy with life. Everybody is doing their thing,” Akindele stated, reflecting on their once-close friendship.
Badmus, known for her energetic personality and comedic roles, has also carved out a remarkable niche in Nollywood. Her friendship with Akindele was once a favorite topic among fans, with the two often seen together at events and on social media.
However, as their careers progressed, the demands of the industry pulled them in different directions. Akindele’s extensive commitments, from running a studio to producing films for cinemas and streaming platforms, have left her with little time for social engagements. “I like being in my space. I don’t like going to parties,” she admitted, explaining her absence from many industry events.
This shift has not gone unnoticed. Rumours about Akindele’s absence at colleagues’ premieres and events have circulated, with some attributing it to neglect. Addressing these claims, she clarified while responding to late actress Adejumoke Aderounmu’s brother, “I work hard round the clock. I live in Amen Estate, Eleko. Before I drive down to Lekki or Ikoyi for an event, won’t they have finished the event?”

The change in the relationship between Akindele and Badmus is a reflection of a broader reality faced by many in the entertainment industry. As careers flourish, personal time becomes a luxury, and friendships often take a backseat.

The industry has seen other high-profile friendships change over time.

For instance, Adesua Etomi and Linda Ejiofor, once considered best friends, have faced similar rumours. The speculation intensified when Ejiofor did not publicly celebrate Etomi’s birthday in February 2022.

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