Angela Okorie blasts blogger over rumours about Sharon Ooja’s marriage

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has criticized popular blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus (SDK) for her claims regarding newly married actress Sharon Ooja and her husband.

The day after Sharon’s traditional marriage, SDK claimed that Sharon was her husband’s fourth wife and that he had three children from a previous marriage. Netizens uncovered evidence of Sharon Ooja’s husband’s former marriage and his divorce in 2019.

SDK later issued an apology, admitting that her numbering was incorrect, and her headlines were inappropriate and ill-timed.

In response, Angela Okorie pointed out that Stella had previously spread false reports about her, alleging that she slept with a couple, stole their car, and was shot as a result.

Angela emphasized that during her ordeal, SDK only slandered her.
Addressing criticisms from Nigerians about her habit of calling people out, Angela stated that she only speaks out against those who wrong her, praying daily for God to expose them. She described herself as a kind person who cannot tolerate lies or mistreatment.
Angela expressed her outrage, saying, “Nigerians say I drag people too much. If you know me in real life, I am the sweetest soul you can ever meet. Just don’t lie on me or do me bad; I will never take it. Imagine this low-budget Chucky called Stella. Imagine the nonsense she wrote about people who just had a beautiful wedding out of envy and jealousy.”

Angela continued, “I don’t come after those who didn’t do me wrong. Every day, I pray for God to expose those who did me dirty. Stella wrote that I, Angela, slept with a husband and wife, stole their car, and was shot. During my attack, 10 people shot me, and all she did was slander me even in my pain.”

Angela also accused Stella of being used by other actors and actresses to slander their colleagues, stating, “Stella is a bitter person. If you give her a small change, she will rush to write anything without thinking.”
She concluded by addressing Sharon Ooja directly, saying, “Congratulations, Sharon. Your marriage will last forever. Amen.”

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