Actress Omoni Oboli set to be a ‘Grandma’, reveals gender

Actress Omoni Oboli has dropped hints about the gender of her soon-to-arrive grandchild shortly after the couple announced their pregnancy online.

The delighted couple, Nnamdi Oboli and his pregnant wife, shared heartwarming photos on their social media platforms, radiating joy.
Omoni Oboli, with high hopes for her grandchild, posted adorable pictures of her son and daughter-in-law on Instagram, where her feed overflowed with congratulatory messages for the couple.

Revealing her excitement, the mother of three boys disclosed that her grandchild would be a girl, echoing the caption from the shared photo.

Actress Omoni Oboli set to be a ‘Grandma’
Expressing her long-held desire for a baby girl, Omoni Oboli shared her heartfelt journey, mentioning how she had dreamed, talked, and even considered adoption before feeling disheartened.

However, she spoke of her joy in how God had blessed her with the fulfillment of her dreams through her newfound daughter.

“I’ve always wanted a baby girl. I’ve dreamt about her, I’ve talked about her, I’ve even tried to adopt her, and just when I was about to give up, God said, I will give you the desires of your heart,” Omoni Oboli shared on Instagram.

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