A young boy attempt to poison his mother in Benue (Photo)

A young boy from Benue state confesses to an attempt to poison h is mother after being allegedly handed a substance by an individual.

A video making the rounds on social media captured them oment a boy was apprehended 

and questioned on his decision to end the life of his mother.

In the video, the boy confessed to being disowned by his parent after moving on to his boss’ daughter and, hence, adopted by his current mother.

He narrated that he was approached twice by a stranger who offered him a poisonous substance meant to be laced in his mother’s tea and end her life.

During the interrogation, he stated that he had never met the stranger but identified him as a man with a beard he only met twice.

He, however, pleaded for his life when threatened to drink the tea he had laced with poison.

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