A child that can wipe your tears_Rita Daniels praises daughter Regina

Rita Daniels, mother of the renowned Nigerian actress Regina Daniels, has poured out her admiration and love for her 23-year-old daughter, who is also the wife of lawyer, businessman and senator, Ned Nwoko.

Regina posted an emotional video on Instagram with a caption, “A forever cherished 2mins video with my mother. Thank you for blessings you bestowed on me Nnem ❤️.”
Rita, unable to contain her pride, asked, “Can your daughter be as beautiful as this? Can you be so proud of your child as this? My next world, you remain my child or should you be my mother?”

Regina jokingly replied, “No, you will be my mother so you will keep guiding me right. Can your mother praise you like my own?”
Rita continued to express her admiration, saying, “She is the best thing that can ever happen to this family. So intelligent, smart, brave, loving, caring, accessible, accommodating, homely is an understatement. She has been a mother from the womb. She is not a child o. She is a mother of 80 years old. She is more than a giver and has a beautiful soul in and out. You know, when a child makes you proud, you will pour out your inner mind. You can see me pouring out my inner mind. No pretense. I wish you can continue to come out in more years. One-in-a-million child, a child that can wipe your tears with a smile. Her smile is so captivating.”

This reflects the deep pride Rita Daniels holds for her daughter, Regina.

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