Video : Angel Unigwe in Trouble

Veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed displeasure over the way the mother of Teen Actress Angel Unigwe took the Actress away from his set against their agreement. He stated this in a video he posted on social media.

He also accused the Mother of taking her Daughter away before the expiration of the agreed time in the contract. He said the Mother usually holds producers to ransom after collecting money for a job.

The Veteran Actor who is also an Attorney, stated that he had been hearing about it but that he did not believe it until it happened to him

He also threatened to disrupt any set that engages Angel for any acting job when she has not finished the said job on his own set.

Hear him;

‘’My dear Friends and Colleagues in the Movie Industry, I am making this video to save and protect the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria. A particular woman has been holding producers to ransom and this is unfortunate. It has happened to me.

Unfortunately, she is Angel Unigwe’s mother, you know the Actress? Angel Unigwe. A contract is reached by every producer either orally or written and it is all respected. I found out that immediately this woman takes money from you, everything changes, I have gotten reports from people before it happened to me”

‘’Now it happened last night that she took her daughter at 9pm when a particular day we agreed had not expired. 12 midnight is expiring into another day, She came at 9pm and took her daughter.”

 ‘’This is a clarion call to every producer,Please I beg you, in the name of professionalism and all that all that unites us, from this moment, 21st day of June 2024, any set that employs the services of Angel Unigwe, I will come to that set and make sure filming does not hold. You guys know what it is for an artiste to walk out on the set, There was no issue. I want to guarantee you all you.  We had very good working relationship with Angel. Her mother has been threatening  many producers, so please I don’t wqnt to block anybody’s shooting schedule but please I will monitor from this moment any set where I find Angel Unigwe shooting will be disrupted. This is not a threat to anybody but for the protection of the entire industry. It is for me and people like me who understand how we started Nollywood and how we have shared the love to protect this Industry. If it could happen to me, that Madam Unigwe, Angel’s Mother to be disturbing and threatening the peace of the industry. It is time to say no to this nonsense. I will stop here but to guarantee you that I mean well and it is in fairness. No bad blood. Please on this not, I want you to understand that I mean well for every Actor in Nigeria but for this particular purpose I will disrupt any set. I will monitor and see any set she goes to. So please like they say in Igbo “onye owuna nwere oge ya”.                                                   



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[…] the announcement made in a video by Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo of his intention to disrupt any film production involving Unigwe, […]

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[…] Kanayo O Kanayo had earlier called out the teen actress for not fulfilling a contract she signed with him for a production she got hired for. He also claimed Unigwe’s mum is known for breaching acting contracts by prematurely taking her daughter away from sets. […]

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