“I am a full-blooded Nigerian,’ – Zack Orji denies ‘Gabonese’ origin

Nollywood actor Zack Orji has denied claims from a viral podcast that he is from Gabon.

The podcast, which gained traction on Monday, featured a video suggesting that Orji was born in Gabon and is a citizen of the Central African nation.
Orji explained that while his father’s job required extensive travel, leading to his birth in Gabon, he is clearly Nigerian.
In a statement to PUNCH Online on Tuesday, Orji stated, “Now, another lie from the pit of hell has emerged, claiming that I said, “I’m from Gabon, I’m not a Nigerian”. “I hereby issue a disclaimer dissociating myself from that lie.”

Orji firmly disassociated himself from these claims, stating, “I am a full-blooded Nigerian, both of my parents are Nigerians. I am from Enugu State, the Coal City State. I am proudly Nigerian and proud of my Nigerian heritage.”

He added, “God almighty will deal with whoever originated that lie as he dims fit.”


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