Actress Actress_rebukes Ghanaian prophet’s prophecy

Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert has strongly criticized a prominent Ghanaian prophet over his recent prophecy concerning her.

The prophet, known for his predictions regarding Destiny Etiko and Junior Pope, had advised Hilbert to seek out a traditional healer (‘Dibia’) to perform necessary rituals for her.
Alleging a curse from her maternal lineage and surrounding darkness, Hilbert suggested these rites would facilitate her enjoyment of life to its fullest.

“There is a curse from her mother’s side, she should find a Dibiaz who would do the necessary rights for her so that she can enjoy the world to the fullest because there is a darkness on her”.

In response, Hilbert pointed out the inaccuracy of the prophet’s previous death prophecy, wherein he predicted she would perish from food poisoning.

Discrediting any belief of vulnerability, she declared herself untouchable, ascribing her safety to her faith in Jesus Christ.
“This same prophet said I will die from food poisoning till date I’m alive.

No man born of a woman or any spirit
From the past can kill me.

I am covered and soaked with the blood of Jesus AMEEEEEEEEEEEN !”


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