Asake will be a pastor by 2024 ending – Popular Prophet prophesies

Prophet Gideon, a well-known pastor, has shared a prophecy regarding the current music star, Asake.

In a widely circulated video on Twitter, the clergyman expressed that he believes God intends to use Asake as a vessel to spread the gospel globally.
According to the prophet, he received a divine message indicating that Asake will transition into a pastor, with his unique talents serving to preach across various nations.

He recounted an earlier prophecy made to Asake’s mother by a renowned pastor, affirming the greatness of her future son.

Despite Asake’s current shift from his mother’s hopes for him to serve in God’s house, Prophet Gideon maintains that God’s plan for him remains unchanged.
The pastor prophesied a spiritual intervention in Asake’s life by the end of 2024.


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