Paulo Okoye mocks Lizzy Anjorin in Valentine’s Day shoutout to Iyabo Ojo

Popular event promoter, music executive and talent manager Paul Okoye popularly known as PaulO has thrown a jab at Lizzy Anjorin, the rival of his lover, Iyabo Ojo.

The ongoing war between the two actresses has been widely known for more than a year, although the exact cause remains undisclosed.
In a Valentine’s Day message to his lover, Paulo took a playful dig at Lizzy, urging Iyabo to reimburse him the sum of N91k, seemingly referencing a past transaction of N91,000.

“Happiest Valentines.
(Idumota pay me my money N91k)”.

This is coming days after reports from controversial blog on claimed Anjorin stole gold in the Idumota market in Lagos Island.

Other reports alleged that the actress made a fake transaction after buying goods worth N91,000 from a store inside the market.
Reacting to the allegations, Lizzy Anjorin responded to the accusations by denying them, claiming she merely went to the market to buy clothes and accessories.

She also argued that the video was a “setup” against her.

Anjorin narrated how she bought clothing accessories from a vendor in the market and requested his account number for payment.
She said she sent the vendor’s details to her husband who transferred the money, adding that the vendor confirmed that the transaction was successful.

The actress said when she visited the same store again, the vendor said the previous transaction she did was unsuccessful.

Anjorin said she has the “evidence” to prove that she indeed sent the money.


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