Laide Bakare fires back at critics following fight with Chizzy Alichi

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has responded strongly to those labeling her a failure following her fight with fellow actress Chizzy Alichi.

Earlier this week, Laide and Chizzy decided to settle their differences through a celebrity boxing match held on Saturday.
Similar to the resolution between Portable and Charles Okocha, the two actresses engaged in a physical confrontation, captured on video for all to see.

Their colleague Monalisa Chinda shared footage of the fight , hailing Chizzy for her fighting abilities.

Chizzy Alichi took to her Instagram to celebrate her victory over Laide Bakare. Despite her win, she extended goodwill to her opponent, reminding her of a promised champagne.

Surprisingly, Laide also claimed victory on her Instagram, displaying a trophy and thanking her fans for their support.
However, many disputed Laide’s victory and proclaimed Chizzy as the winner, leading to Laide’s frustration.

In a post on her Instagram, Laide explained that while she usually avoids online conflicts, this situation was different due to significant financial stakes involved.

She expressed disdain for manipulation and falsehoods, questioning why she was being labeled the loser when she had proof of her victory.
She concluded by stating her victory boldly: “No long story, HERE comes the receipt. I am the WINNER.”


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