How marriage has shaped my character – Actress Anita Joseph

Actress Anita Joseph recently reflected on her marriage to hype man Michael Fisayo, known as MC Fish, with the conclusion that the union has positively shaped her character.

Celebrating their fourth anniversary, Joseph highlighted how marriage has taught her to be more protective and patient, emphasizing the significance of the heart in a union, regardless of external influences like family or tribe.
She said, “Marriage has influenced me in a very positive way. I have learnt to be more protective and patient.

“What matters the most is one’s heart. One’s parents or other family members won’t be in the marriage with you, so it is basically one and one’s spouse forever. So, if one chooses someone from a different tribe, it is okay. One’s happiness comes first.”
Despite the cultural variances between her Igbo background and her husband’s Yoruba heritage, Joseph shared her efforts in bridging the gaps while expressing gratitude for her mother-in-law teachings in Yoruba.

Addressing critics who doubted the longevity of her marriage, Joseph said she is happy she has proved them wrong while attributing the success of their union to God’s grace.
“My mother-in-law speaks Yoruba to me and I say ‘eshe’ (thank you). I have learnt a bit, though it has not been easy.”

The curvaceous actress also stated that though many people did not give her marriage a chance of succeeding, she was happy to prove them wrong. She said, “As regards my post on Instagram on my wedding anniversary, I wrote that some people and even blogs said that my marriage won’t last, but I ‘sent’ it back to them and their sisters. God’s grace has kept my husband and I together.”


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