Fake money transfer: Lizzy Anjorin shares her side of story

Nollywood star and entrepreneur, Lizzy Anjorin, has responded to allegations suggesting she used fake money transfer to purchase gold jewelry at the Idumota market on Lagos Island.

In a viral video, Anjorin is seen wearing a nose mask and appearing distressed while being questioned by a group of individuals.

Addressing the issue in her own video, Anjorin explained how she bought clothing accessories worth N90,000 from a store in Idumota Market last November and asked her husband to transfer money to the seller’s account.
She said the shop owner initially claimed he hadn’t received the money, but later admitted to receiving it.

However, when Anjorin returned to the shop recently, the owner confronted her, alleging that the payment for her latest transaction hadn’t been received.

Anjorin stated that she was in the process of resolving the matter when the shop owner called authorities to arrest her, accusing her of making a fraudulent bank transfer.


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