Mummy Zee: I don’t care what critics think, says Tacha

Big Brother Naija contestant Tacha has responded to critics who suggested she should have been the bigger person in her recent online clash with Mummy Zee.

In a series of tweets, she expressed her indifference towards public opinion, stating her readiness to retaliate if provoked in 2024.
Dismissing expectations for her to act more maturely, she advised critics to seek role models within their own families.
Addressing past controversies, including soliciting funds online, Tacha attributed them to her absence during her time in the Big Brother house.

Dismissing any attempts to discredit her with fake evidence, she emphasized her refusal to be swayed by negativity.

She posted, “If you like fake screenshots!! if you like post a GoFund my fans created in my absence!! iF you like post videos i posted myself like it’s a discovery (when your mates dey discover electricity) a This BAHDIE Don’t CARE!! This is 2024!!! you go low!! I Drill for crude!! Go AND meet your mummy and daddy to do bigger person with you!! Siaaa”.


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