Why I chose acting over law in Nigeria- RMD

Renowned actor Richard Mofe Damijo, known as RMD, has shared the reasons behind his decision not to practice law in Nigeria, despite being a qualified lawyer.

In an interview with Cable Lifestyle, RMD opened up about his journey into the entertainment industry and the way he perceives his role in serving God and fulfilling his life’s purpose.

The 62-year-old actor stressed that not all lawyers are meant to litigate in court, and he believes that there are various avenues through which individuals can honor God.

RMD described himself as a person of faith and stated that he serves God in his own unique way by striving for excellence in whatever he does. He believes that by excelling in his chosen field, he can positively impact people’s lives and fulfill his life’s purpose.

RMD also addressed the common misconception that being a lawyer necessarily entails courtroom practice. He explained that not all lawyers need to engage in litigation, and his chosen path aligns with his personal values and mission in life.

He said, “I am a man of faith, and each one of us does not have to be on a pulpit on a weekly basis to serve God. I serve God wholeheartedly in my own way, believing that pursuing excellence in every field of endeavour is how mankind honours God.

“When I perform my work at its highest level, I am honouring God and fulfilling the purpose for which I am here. I touch and impact lives through the area for which humanity knows me, trusting my sense of judgment. For me, this is my way of honouring God.

“It also brings to mind the fact that when people hear that I am a lawyer, they often ask if I go to court. I educate them, explaining that not every lawyer needs to go to court. So, it is not a funny question for me; it aligns with what I represent..”


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