Why I changed my mind about quitting Nollywood, ‘japa-ing’ – Lily Afegbai

  • Lily Afegbai has opened up on how year 2022 was a tough one for her, filled with her battle with depression.
  • The actress then decided to abandon her career in the entertainment scene, focus on business and relocate.
  • Lily said God had better plans for her and made the year a sweet one, despite the challenges she had faced the year before.

Life is filled with complexities, ups and downs and it tends to hit people differently. However being hopeful that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel makes the journey worthwhile and worth pushing through amid disappointment.

That is what happened to Nigerian film actress, Lilian Afegbai aka Lily Afe, who took to social media to share her testimony of why she wanted to quit acting and relocate (japa) from Nigeria earlier this year, and what eventually changed for her.

The media personality said last year was tough on her and she kept slipping in and out of depression, which made her to decide to quit the movie industry and entertainment scene, then relocate to start afresh.

The ‘Akanchawa Baddie’ could not do these because she said she got many gigs that turned her life around, making the year a smooth one. 

“Testimony Time

Beginning of this year I wanted to Quit Acting, Entertainment Industry in general and just focus on my businesses and probably relocate [japa] and start from scratch. I spoke to God, I was Intentional about everything I asked of him. He listened to me and showed up.

Last year was horrible for me, I was in and out of depression. I felt horrible. Long story short, The only person that can really fix your situation is God. The people that showed up for me this year, some of them never knew me but they could spot my talent just by watching Akanchawa baddie story.

He used people I least expected to remind me of who he is. I just want to say I’m grateful for not quitting. Please even when it feels like it’s all over, Don’t give up. I know it’s hard, but truly when you hand it over to God. Go and sleep and the rest is history.

@kemiadetiba I need to do a special post for you 😂😂❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ PS | I will share the bigger testimony soon, but for today just say thank you Jesus for me. 🙏.”

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