But is she me?” – Tacha shades Mercy Eke, flaunts her Range Rover days after Mercy does the same

  • Popular BBNaija star Tacha caused a stir on Twitter by flaunting her new Range Rover in a video, echoing a similar post by Mercy Eke just days earlier.
  • The striking resemblance between the two videos fueled speculation and discussions among fans, with many questioning whether Tacha’s post was a deliberate imitation of Mercy’s, hinting at a potential rivalry.
  • Tacha’s cryptic tweet, “But is she me?” added fuel to the fire, leading to further interpretations of a subtle shade thrown at Mercy.

Popular reality star, Tacha caused a stir among fans and followers as her video flaunting a newly acquired Range Rover sparked speculation of a subtle shade directed towards Mercy Eke, the winner of a previous season of the reality show.

Tacha shared a video showcasing her new Range Rover, which bore a striking resemblance to a similar video posted by Mercy Eke just three days prior.

Tacha throws shade at Mercy Eke with cryptic message as she flaunts her Range Rover, days after Mercy's similar post

In both instances, the reality TV stars proudly displayed their respective Range Rovers, with Mercy referring to hers as a Christmas present.

The similarities between the two videos quickly ignited discussions across social media platforms, with fans and onlookers questioning whether Tacha was intentionally imitating Mercy or if there was an underlying sense of jealousy at play.

The speculation intensified when Tacha posted a cryptic tweet that read, “But is she me?” This cryptic message fueled further speculation, suggesting a potential rivalry between the two reality stars.


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