“I think I can take my life now” Nigerian reality star reportedly attempts suicide

A Nigerian reality star has reportedly attempted suicide.

Sunshine Chiamaka Obinwaku, better known as SunshineDeJewel or Mr Okoro, has been sharing suicidal posts for weeks now, starting at the end of October, while revealing that she has attempted suicide before.

Earlier this month, she shared photos of blood-stained tissues and also photos showing injuries on her hand.

In the caption, she wrote that she will continue to harm herself until she finds the courage to commit suicide.

In another recent post, she filmed herself discarding her wedding ring in Church and revealed that her ”husband” had left her.

Then, 2 days ago, she shared multiple photos of herself with a rope tied to the ceiling and placed around her neck. She added that she was exiting the world.  She then tagged multiple celebrities in the post and said her goodbyes to the world.

In the post, she referred to humans as “inhumans”.

There are now reports claiming she attempted suicide.

Sunshine starred in the Film House Africa Reality TV show, alongside Rosie Afuwape, who later went on to win the more popular dating reality TV show, Ultimate Love.

After the reality show, Sunshine became a skit maker but never really found success in that area.


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