Benue Government Reacts to Reports of Governor Alia Being Stoned by Youths

The Benue State government has refuted claims that youths pelted Governor Hyacinth Alia with objects during a visit to Vaatia College in Makurdi.

Newsmen reports that the reaction came in a statement on Thursday by Sir Kula Tersoo, the Chief Press Secretary (CPS), to the governor.

Tersoo described the report as “fake, fictitious, misleading, and probably designed to undermine, demean and cast Governor Hyacinth Alia in a negative light.”

He clarified that the governor’s visit to Vaatia College was to address a reported case of house breakage, thievery, desecration of a tomb, and vandalism. During the meeting, Governor Alia instructed the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the aforementioned acts.

Tersoo further stated that the governor’s visit to Vaatia College was undisturbed and that he has a reputation for walking the streets and markets of the state without being harassed.

He urged media professionals to adhere to journalistic principles and ethics, emphasising the need to verify news sources before publishing reports.

“This report is ill intended, to say the least,” Tersoo asserted. “Let us learn to be investigative and always verify the truthfulness of any report we give.”


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